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Honor Donohoe

“If the tribal instincts and genetics destined to shape us are altered, the legacy of our heritage changes.”

The Lorn Trilogy



A fictional portrayal set in present day Ireland illustrates how circumstances rooted in Eire’s history profoundly affect a young woman.

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Kirsty and Sam leave Canada to start a new life in Ireland. Only a few months later an unpredicted event shatters their shared idyll.

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It is a year later and Eileen knows that to claim her life she needs to find resolution, although feels uncertain how to pursue this, aware it can never be complete.

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What They Are Saying

  • Excellent read. Points where I couldn't put it down. Great characters and a story written with care and authority. Would make a wonderful movie. Really looking forward to reading the rest of the trilogy.
    Amazon Review
  • There is a bitter sweet quality to some of the passages which are well written and thought provoking. The imagery and use of the sea works well. AND it still managed to make me smile at regular intervals as I read. Recommended.
    Reader Review
  • Honor Donohoe is a gifted writer and I would recommend this book to anybody who loves to read.
    Amazon Review
  • I like how well the author portrays the characters. The setting is well-researched. This is the kind of mystery book I am always yearning to read. The twists are unpredictable. I'll definitely grab the next book right after this review.
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