A warm welcome to my blog. The first name choice in the set up process for this was hondonsite. All changed  because of a temptation to insert an 'h' after the 's' became overwhelming.  As a newby on the block please accept apologies in advance for any technical glitches in my presentation.  I hope to improve. 2016 witnessed my arrival at an age  when I can officially wear purple. Since this big birthday  I have visited cliché territory identifying with phrases such as  'health is wealth, you're as old as you feel, and no regrets' which combined expose my hopes for  the next decade. One is to have success with an effort to 'Revamp.'  My essential health makeover needs to have a kick start and by putting it out there so to speak perhaps the guilt failure would bring can be averted. My second big plan is to inflict my novels on an  unsuspecting world.  The Lorn Trilogy, Babylorn, Ladylorn and Forlorn was finally completed in 2018.
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